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Nice that you are here. My passion is to see your happiness when you meet the painting you fall in love from first sight. As you know paintings are more alive and vivid in real life and that's why you are very welcome to see paintings in my Studio in Helsinki (close to Ateneum) at Mikonkatu 11. See you !

Mila iloria is a Helsinki based contemporary artist.

Mila approaches new work with openness, turning ‘mistakes’ into exciting new directions without any preconceived direction. The spontaneous effects foster a calm and whimsical energy, unique in atmosphere with unexpected accents, experimentation movement and form which gains her a solid reputation for restful and arresting art.

you can find more paintings and videos on instagram

Tunnisteet: Abstrakti, abstract, abstract painting, abstraktimaalaus, akryyli, akryylimaalaus, acrylic, acrylicpainting, öljyväri, oilpaint, colorful, contemporary, contemporaryart, sisustus, sisustustaide, sisustustaulu