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Artist statement:

The reason for me making art is that I wish to express Life. It may sound like a grandiose approach but the way I see it, it can be quite the opposite. Because Life is in the everyday way of living and too often those moments are forgotten or simply not appreciated by most people. With my abstract paintings, birds, nature and universe motives I want to express both the beauty and struggles in Life and also try to show that there is magic around us. It all comes down to our own way of looking at things and what we are willing to see and face. For me art can be the window out to how we perceive the world or the mirror that reflects back to us our own hidden world. Both alternatives give us the opportunity to learn, grow and to live genuinely.

Susanne Broända
Instagram: @art.konst.taide

Tunnisteet: abstract art, birds, universe, nature, spirituality, akryylimaalaus, abstraktitaide, universumi, luonto, lintu