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I mainly paint spirit animals and the empowering and healing energy of the animals flows from the paintings. The most sensitives of us can even feel the energy near the painting. In the beginning I didn't even know that I was painting spirit animals, I assumed that my strong love for the animals was just expressed through my artworks. Later it has dawned on me that each painting is someones personal spirit animal, waiting to find just the right person.

What is Spirit animal? Also called a power animal is a spiritual creature, the quantity of pure energy that has its characteristics and charms, depending on in what animal form it is represented as. Your spirit animal is meant to serve as a guide and bring attention to parts of your real life that need acknowledgment and exploration.

I love powerful colors and big brushstrokes, my artworks are generally very colorful and color therapeutic.
I am also a reiki healer and I have channeled nurturing and loving universal reiki energy into each painting.

I painted my very first painting in 2019 and since then colors have been my day-long obsession, joy and torment.
I have completed some art studies but I really don't follow any rules when painting.
I have degrees in Media&Journalism and in Tourism too but for now I am just focusing to be creative.

If some of my paintings calls you, you can reach me by e-mail :)

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