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Hello, I am Katrina.

Being as a "local dreamer", I create my art.

Many years ago, I tried to make accessories with resin and preserved flowers, it was quite exciting, but not enough for me! After trying different techniques, the resin fluid art came into my life. Love from the first touch! At this moment it's my biggest passion.

Every time while creating new pieces of the art, it takes me away from the reality to my dreams where I am able to hear waves and then realize them in pictures so you are closer to touch the waves.

The resin is a magic material for me, unpredictable. It means that it is difficult to plan something in advance without getting results.

For me, it's a pure magic! It's so exciting journey to the world ocean.

For creating my pictures, I use the resin as a basic material, then acrylic, ink and pigments!

I make my job from the heart so, that you are able to enjoy it!

With love, Katrina Kos.

Tunnisteet: resinart, epoksihartsi, resinocean, hartsi