Viqa Badion:

Kuvaus: The film, which starred Jack Nicholson as the Joker, was the first film to tell the backstory of the Joker. So I drew a picture of him. The combination of bright colors and Jack Nicholson`s image is so provocative and magnetic. This is the result I wanted to achieve. In my works, I use my own unique author's style. Photography is the basis of the picture. Then I create various visual effects manually on the digital screen, what gives the work a finished author's touch. The final action takes place in the studio. There I create a collage using my innovative techniques that create a 3-d effect. My main mediums are acrylic, epoxy rezin, and gold paper.

Tunnisteet: joker, king, jack nicholson, comics, movie, mixed media, viqaart, hero, purple, gold paper, red, orange, collage, canvas, acrylic, epoxy rezin
Laji: maalaus, sekatekniikka
Mitat: 80cm x 60cm x 2cm
Vuosi: 2021
Hinta: 850,00€