Lina Vonti:

Kuvaus: "Centricity" is an abstract painting with many beautiful rosy pink layers and textures. It looks lovely in interiors and will add a perfect pink touch to any room. The painting has a really nice texture, a lot of loose brush strokes and a few splashes of paint. I couldn't name this painting, so I asked help from Instagram community and there was one suggestion that I fell in love with. The suggestion was to call the piece "Centricity", in botany it means that something has overlapping layers.

Tunnisteet: kukka, flower, pink, neutral, sisustus, decor, sisustustaulu, sisustustaide, käsinmaalattu, abstrakti, abstraktimaalaus, akryylimaalaus, maalaus, taide, värikäs, moderni, nykytaide, contemporary, taidetta, taidettakotiin, impressionismi, maisema, colorful, bright, landscape, flowers, positive.
Laji: akryylimaalaus
Mitat: 40cm x 40cm
Vuosi: 2019
Hinta: 275,00€