Smakova Ulyana:

Kuvaus: Sunlight breaking through the branches before sunset magically illuminated the earth, but left the tops of the trees in the shade. This inspired me to create a composition consisting of three diagonal stripes. A swamp and a mess of fallen tree trunks below, cold obscurity above and grace of pine in the middle. I hope the symbolism of this scenery can be easily found. Doesn't matter how hard the past was, we do not know what the future looks like. The present is the best part of life, only it matters. This is what we ought to highlight. Despite the semantic load, the picture is light and airy, full of light and joy. I painted it on a canvas sheet. Frame is required.

Tunnisteet: puhtaus, ilmestys, vilpittömyys, aloittelija, noviisi impressionisti, realismi ja impressionismi, auringonpaiste, öljymaalaus, mänty, löytö, metsä, luonto, purity, revelation, sincerity, Novice artist, Novice impressionist, Realism and impressionism, sunshine, oil painting, pine tree, discovery, forest, nature
Laji: öljyvärimaalaus
Mitat: 29cm x 41cm
Vuosi: 2018
Hinta: 240,00€