Smakova Ulyana:
My backyard. Sun in birches

Kuvaus: This feeling when you have a real forest on your backyard. Sun is shining, squirrels jump in the branches, you sit and squint like a cat and want it never change. This landscape is painted on a sheet of canvas. Requires a frame

Tunnisteet: makuuhuone, koivu, seesteisyys, nauhat, kesä, lämmin, puu, keltainen, ruoho, vihreä, insouciance, lehdet, bedroom, birch, serenity, strips, summer, warm, wood, yellow, grass, green, leaves
Laji: öljyvärimaalaus
Mitat: 41cm x 29cm
Vuosi: 2017
Hinta: 100,00€