Smakova Ulyana:
Maaliskuun Nauryz

Kuvaus: On the day of Nauryz, being far away from this celebration of the arrival of spring and the new year, I looked for signs of spring here in Finland. There is still a lot of snow around, but in this low place the trees are already knee-deep in melt water. The words Maaliskuu and Nauryz both mean March in Finnish and Kazakh. This landscape is painted on a sheet of canvas using a palette knife. Requires a frame

Tunnisteet: merkki, lumi, sininen, kevät, puu, vesi, iso aivohalvauksia, Pieni maalaus, harmaa, jää, maaliskuu, sulaminen, sign, snow, blue, spring, tree, water, big strokes, Small painting, grey, ice, March, melting
Laji: öljyvärimaalaus
Mitat: 41cm x 29cm
Vuosi: 2017
Hinta: 140,00€