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Hi, I'm Lina, an acrylic painter based in Helsinki, Finland. I grew up in Russia, have been painting my entire life, and I studied Fine Art in Saint Petersburg for more than a decade.

Now I produce high quality acrylic paintings of all subjects that inspire me. Most of my inspiration comes from nature, that’s why landscapes and flowers are my favorite subjects to paint. I feel very happy and engaged when I create art, and I hope these feelings shine through in my paintings. My style has a bold impressionistic look - it's bright, colorful and positive.

Most of the time I refer to photos as inspiration for my paintings, but I change them considerably, and add my own style and vision to them. Usually I start paintings with bold brushstrokes, and then work my way up to the detail. Finally, I add some finishing touches with texture, which then completes the finished article.



Tunnisteet: meri, sisustus, decor, sisustustaulu, sisustustaide, käsinmaalattu, abstrakti, abstraktimaalaus, akryylimaalaus, maalaus, taide, värikäs, moderni, nykytaide, contemporary, taidetta, taidettakotiin, impressionismi, maisema, colorful, bright, landscape, flowers, positive.