Lina Helsinki

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tilataiteilija, ympäristötaiteilija

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Lina’s work is deeply inspired by nature, it's always changing beauty of seasons and colors. Sometimes she refers to photos as an inspiration, other times she paints intuitively and let the feeling and creative energy lead her. Lina’s style has a bold impressionistic look - it's bright, colorful and positive.

Most of Lina’s artwork are landscapes and floral paintings, but recently she felt that it was time for a change and started creating abstract artwork. Lina’s abstract paintings are intuitive and personal, they are filled with hope, gratitude and appreciation for the beautiful world we live in.

Tunnisteet: meri, sisustus, decor, sisustustaulu, sisustustaide, käsinmaalattu, abstrakti, abstraktimaalaus, akryylimaalaus, maalaus, taide, värikäs, moderni, nykytaide, contemporary, taidetta, taidettakotiin, impressionismi, maisema, colorful, bright, landscape, flowers, positive.